Congratulations and welcome to the Animal Energy® Certification Training! We’re thrilled that you’re embarking on this exciting and transformative journey with us. You’re going to love it!



Start here for a welcome message from Lynn

Go ahead and dig into your training starting with Lesson 1. Please be sure to complete your Waiver right away. Once we receive your Waiver, Lesson 2 will be available for you. Lessons are designed to be completed every two weeks but feel free to complete them at your own pace.

If at any time you decide you would like access to all lessons up front, or to receive them at a faster pace, you can switch to the full pay version of the program and receive them all at once. To do so please email me for further instructions at ClientCare@LynnMcKenzie.com and we will get you access.

You have up to 2 years to certify but will have long-term access to the lessons.

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To access Level 2, click here